Condensation On Your Sash Windows?


Condensation occurs on cold surfaces, such as walls and mirrors. However it is most visible on glass, and excess condensation on your windows can be due to unusually large amounts of moisture in the air. Across London period properties with sash windows seem to suffer with this problem.

Simple changes and checks may just help eradicate the problem!

Find our 8 simple check points below:

  1. Is your tumble dryer extractor pipe connected to the outside correctly?
  2. Don’t leave the bathroom door open when having a shower or bath. Try leaving the bathroom window open a bit, this will help the extra damp air make it’s way out. Shutting the door after you’ve finished in the bathroom may also help. Please remember that water vapour is invisible.
  3. Make sure you use your extractor fans.
  4. Leave your bedroom door open a bit at night, as you breathe out lot’s of moisture whilst asleep.
  5. Don’t dry your washing on the radiators with the windows closed.
  6. In the kitchen when you boil a kettle or cook on the hob, use your extractor fan.
  7. Fit airbricks, or if you have airbricks check that they are clear.
  8. Are your sash windows operating and fitted correctly?

Many owners of period properties use a dehumidifier, which will remove a surprising amount of water from the air. We have found that a combination of the above checks and changes along with well fitted, draught proofed and even double glazed sash windows also help to reduce condensation.

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